100 Great Twitter Feeds about Movies

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51. Brett Ratner – @BrettRatner

Twitter Bio: Film Director, Raconteur, and Peck's Bad Boy Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/brettrat A Distinctive Blend of Straight American Whiskeys: http://www.thehilhavenlodge.com
Followers: 231K
What's in it for you?: This director often tweets with behind-the-scenes photos.

52. Albert Brooks – @AlbertBrooks

Twitter Bio: Filmmaker, actor, author Albert Brooks. Originally joined Twitter to promote my book. Now trapped. Can't get out. Help. http://amzn.to/gUl6Fb
Followers: 753K
What's in it for you?: Frequent tweeter with humorous content. He also isn't afraid to RT the internet trolls.

53. Ava Duvernay – @AVAETC

Twitter Bio: Mother of 9: This is the Life, My Mic Sounds Nice, Venus Vs, I Will Follow, Middle of Nowhere, Selma, Queen Sugar, The 13th, A Wrinkle in Time.
Followers: 206K
What's in it for you?: This Twitter account is a celebration of women and minorities both behind and in front of the camera, and we love it.

54. Bryan Fuller – @BryanFuller

Twitter Bio: sartorialist/gadabout/taxidermy-friendly-animal-lover #StarTrek #AmericanGods #Hannibal #MockingbirdLane #PushingDaisies #Wonderfalls #DeadLikeMe
Followers: 135K
What's in it for you?: Devoted Trekkie and to all things “nerdy.” Sold.

55. Rian Johnson – @rianjohnson

Twitter Bio: È l'era del terzo mondo
Followers: 163K
What's in it for you?: Because he's bringing us the next Star Wars movie, posts teaser #TBT and even he got sucked into Pokemon Go.

56. Paul Feig – @paulfeig

Twitter Bio: Paul is a guy who wears suits and tries not to screw things up. He also created Freaks & Geeks, directed Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy & Ghostbusters.
Followers: 1.93M
What's in it for you?: Throughout all the hate and backlash from Ghostbusters, Paul battled the Twitter trolls and quite frankly, we think he won.

57. David Ayer – @DavidAyerMovies

Twitter Bio: Every day is a blessing
Followers: 316K
What's in it for you?: Relevant and recent posts for Suicide Squad, including several praising the fans. You can't please them all, ask Paul Feig.

58. Judd Apatow – @JuddApatow

Twitter Bio: None.
Followers: 1.6M
What's in it for you?: This account isn't as active with movie tweets at the moment—it's political out there, y'all—but we still love Apatow and he retweets some fun things from Knocked Up and his important social causes.

59. Adam McKay – @GhostPanther

Twitter Bio: Writer, director, Gary Sanchez Prods, Funny or Die. Can hit 88 on the JUGS gun.
Followers: 409K
What's in it for you?: This Anchorman director (#odeon) has an active Twitter account heavy on the politics with sprinkles of these beautiful rainbows.

60. Sad Paul Giamatti – @SadPaulGiamatti

Twitter Bio: Getting through life one day at a time.
Followers: 7,927K
What's in it for you?: This account is a string of absolutely ridiculous stream of consciousness that is funnier when you think about Paul Giamatti.

61. Bill Murray – @BiIIMurray

Twitter Bio: I AM NOT BILL MURRAY. This is a parody account. This account is not in any way affiliated with the actor Bill Murray. Contact: bmurraytwitter@gmail.com
Followers: 532K
What's in it for you?: Even though this is a parody account, we still feel like Bill could/would say some of these things.

62. Will Ferrell – @FillWerrell

Twitter Bio: (I am NOT Will Ferrell  This is a parody account Not in any way affiliated with the actor Will Ferrell)
Followers: 2.75M
What's in it for you?: With over two million followers, this oft-updated account is your one-stop shop for hilarious memes, photos and all things Harambe #RIP

63. Chuck Norris Facts – @chuck_facts

Twitter Bio: Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird. These facts may not be facts, it's probably safer to believe them though.
Followers: 274K
What's in it for you?: Because every Chuck Norris zing you can think of is housed here.

64. TED – @HilariousTed

Twitter Bio: I am a crazy son of a bitch. Follow me bitches. parody/fan account
Followers: 356K
What's in it for you?: Follow parody TED for memes, funny pictures and generally amusing banter

65. Film Crit Hulk – @FilmCritHULK

Followers: 55K
What's in it for you?: Hulk like movies and TV—and all caps.

66. Lord Voldemort – @Lord_Voldemort7

Twitter Bio: Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart…
Followers: 2.04M
What's in it for you?: Just amazing Harry Potter-centric tweets.

67. Depressed Darth Vader – @DepressedDarth

Twitter Bio: I am your father. Not associated with Disney. Contact: DepressedDarth@gmail.com
Followers: 769K
What's in it for you?: Not sure if we're seeing depressing tweets, but funny Star Wars memes and gifs abound.

68. Betty F*ckin White – @BettyFckinWhite

Twitter Bio: I'm Betty F*ckin' White, Yo! Not really, seriously I'm not Betty. BettyFckinWhite@gmail.com
Followers: 120K
What's in it for you?: These Tweets are on par with some of the Tweets on Betty's real Twitter account.

69. Condescending Wonka – @OhWonka

Twitter Bio: Oh, you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.
Followers: 507K
What's in it for you?: Memes on Memes—now curious why did we learn the recorder in school…

70. Bloody Disgusting – @BDisgusting

Twitter Bio: Your #1 source for all things #horror! We cover movies, music, video games, comics, and more.
Followers: 101K
What's in it for you?: Account dedicated to all things gory and well, bloody.

71. Bitch Flicks – @BitchFlicks

Twitter Bio: A feminist film and media website founded in 2008 by @veace and @rockleabster. Editors: @veace, @leighkolb, @rodriguez545. Social Media: @OpinionessWorld
Followers: 12.5K
What's in it for you?: Twitter account dedicated to looking at film and television through a feminist lens. Badass account dedicated to supporting women in the industry.

72. One Perfect Shot – @OnePerfectShot

Twitter Bio: For the love of film | Creator/Editor-in-chief: @TheGeoffTodd | Managing Editor: @Hperryhorton | Email thegeofftodd@gmail.com for inquiries
Followers: 184K
What's in it for you?: This Twitter account is dedicated to remembering cinema's past, Frame by Frame. Expect really awesome cinematic screen grabs.

73. Shadow and Act – @shadowandact

Twitter Bio: Cinema of the Global African Diaspora – News & Views, and More, All Day! http://shadowandact.com
Followers: 29.2K
What's in it for you?: This Twitter feed features cinema, television and web content of Africa and its global Diaspora. Inspiring and relevant.

74. Wesley Morris – @Wesley_Morris

Twitter Bio: bit.ly/1V5k6nq and http://bit.ly/1QXa6eW
Followers: 50.3K
What's in it for you?: As Paste noted—“Our Greatest Living Critic”. If that isn't enough, he's also extremely witty, too.

75. The Bechdel Test – @BechdelTestFest

Twitter Bio: An ongoing celebration of films that pass The Bechdel Test! Check site for event details & follow us for female-led film news & events.
Followers: 5,580K
What's in it for you?: Fighting Androcentrism through epic celebrations of films that pass The Bechdel Test, hear them roar.