Who Else Thinks a Rom-Com with Stanley Tucci and Jeff Goldblum Sounds Amazing?

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Who Else Thinks a Rom-Com with Stanley Tucci and Jeff Goldblum Sounds Amazing?

The last time Twitter developed an A+ movie concept, it got picked up on a wave of black girl magic. Now there is a new gay film brewing in need of a little luck from pride month.

Imagine Stanley Tucci and Jeff Goldblum side by side, last names hyphenated, as two sharply but casually dressed men with the perfect amount of peppered scruff and matching dark-rimmed glasses that scream “the kind, loving father you never had and the hot, caring husband you’ve always dreamed of.”

Twitter user @tylerfbradley recently posted images of the Academy Award-nominated actors in a tweet (embedded further down) that sparked an entire film plot. Goldblum and Tucci would star as a married couple who co-own a restaurant and find themselves in a heated conflict with the sinister restauranteur across town, Guy Fieri.

The two actors could take the film down a dark path of sinister revenge—Guy Fieri definitely has the look of true evil. Or the two could keep it more light-hearted, making the film the rom-com of summer ‘19. Either way, we’re already obsessed.

Twitter has gotten an all-star-cast movie put into production once. Earlier this year a buddy movie featuring Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna as spies scamming rich white men blew up on Twitter. Within weeks the two stars had signed on and Netflix bought the concept, with Issa Rae (Insecure) writing the script and Ava DuVernay (Selma) directing.

With more than 20,000 retweets and 80,000 likes, @tylerfbradley’s tweet is well on its way to getting as many notes as the one that sparked the Rihanna-Nyong’o film. So let’s take a look at the plot thus far dreamed up by Twitter users in preparation for when Hulu grabs it.

The scene opens in their kitchen, well-lit with potted herbs growing in the window sills. Tucci and Goldblum share tender moments together while discussing potential tweaks to their favorite recipes.

But a fiery villain on the other side of town is throwing a wrench in their dreams of dominating the restaurant empire.

Things are just heating up when an equally hunky figure from their past comes to town, causing discord in the couple's home life.

Other Twitter users have even gone so far as to staff the rest of the Tucci-Goldblum kitchen.

Clearly the film would be well-received. So … who's buying?