A24 Pushes Back David Robert Mitchell’s Under the Silver Lake to April 2019

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A24 Pushes Back David Robert Mitchell&#8217;s <i>Under the Silver Lake</i> to April 2019

A24 has pushed back It Follows writer-director David Robert Mitchell’s follow-up Under the Silver Lake for the second time, this time to April 19, 2019, per IndieWire. The company’s website, meanwhile, currently has an April 30, 2019, release date listed for the film.

Back in March, A24 released the first trailer for the oddball neo-noir thriller, which opened to mixed reviews when it made its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Under the Silver Lake was originally scheduled for a June 22 release, but on June 1, Variety reported that A24 had pushed back its release to Dec. 7, with speculation suggesting that Mitchell was recutting the 139-minute film due to its split reception at Cannes.

Under the Silver Lake stars Andrew Garfield as 33-year-old Sam, who goes investigating around his East L.A. neighborhood when Sarah (Riley Keough), a mysterious woman who lives in his apartment complex, goes missing. Topher Grace also stars, playing Sam’s friend who helps with his investigation.

By many accounts, though, it seems that Under the Silver Lake isn’t quite as straightforward as that synopsis would make it seem. Many reviewers out of Cannes came out confused by Garfield’s character and the film’s meandering plot.

With this move, Under the Silver Lake has now completely backed out of the 2018 awards window. If it had kept its Dec. 7 release date, the A24 release would have to compete with awards hopefuls Mary, Queen of Scots, Ben Is Back and Vox Lux, all of which are currently slated to open that day.

There’s a fair chance that A24, which released Moonlight and Lady Bird over the last two awards seasons, could be shut out at the Oscars this year. The distributor has awards hopefuls from earlier this year in First Reformed, Hereditary and Eighth Grade, but those films could easily get lost in the mix in coming months, and minus mid90s, A24’s theatrical slate is looking pretty quiet for this time of year.

Either way, fans can check out Under the Silver Lake at AFI Film Fest on Nov. 12, when the film will screen with Mitchell, Garfield and other members of the cast in attendance.