Watch Sausage Party's Filthy Red-Band Trailer, Now With More F-Bombs

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The human race may never be able to face itself after the terrible truth of Seth Rogen’s animated food comedy Sausage Party sizzles on the silver screen.

The film’s first trailer played us all by starting out sweet and turning spoiled-rotten with one deadly flick of a potato peeler. The film grew even more notorious after its trailer somehow played before a screening of Finding Dory at a California theater last month.

With the flaccid, wet sausage of a secret twist out of the bag, this newly released red-band trailer holds nothing back. There are more f-bombs, sexual guilt and a scene where it looks like a stoner realizes the reality of sentient food, perhaps a retelling of the experience that lead Rogen to make the film. Watch it all hang out above.

Sausage Party is served on Aug. 12.