Strange Trailer for David Beckham's Fashion Feature Outlaws

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David Beckham, soccer champ and underwear enthusiast, is now a leading man. He will star in the fashion film Outlaws, written and directed by Geremy Jasper and presented by Belstaff, a clothing label under which Beckham has a line of luxury leather jackets. Liv Tyler serves as the film’s executive producer.

Outlaws appears to be a glam take on a the stereotypical circus, bearded lady and all. It co-stars Cathy Moriarty, Harvey Keitel and Inherent Vice’s Katherine Waterston. Beckham channels his inner Rebel Without a Cause as he plays motorcyclist with a smoldering stare. It’s pretty uncertain as to what direction this film will go, but it is clear from the trailer it will be visually beautiful. But if we’re being honest, it’s kind of hard for something with Beckham’s face on it not to be.