Watch the Official Trailer for Netflix Sci-Fi Film What Happened to Monday?

Movies Video What Happened to Monday?
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If it wasn’t obvious already, we can’t wait to see Noomi Rapace play septuplets in the forthcoming Netflix sci-fi thriller What Happened to Monday? After watching the teaser trailer about a hundred and one times, we’re thrilled to say the official trailer was finally released today, along with a date for the film’s release.

What Happened to Monday? deals with the topic of overpopulation, taking place in a world where each family is allowed one child. Willem Dafoe has seven (whoops!) girls who each go out of the house on their designated day of the week to assume the identity of Karen Settman. The secret gets out, and Glenn Close, as an evil dictator-like leader, seeks revenge on the sisters and their father for gaming the system. Monday is captured by the government, and her sisters come together to help her escape.

What Happened to Monday? will be released on Netflix on Aug. 18. Watch the official trailer above, and revisit the film’s initial teaser here.