Song Premiere: Washer - "Pet Rock Vs Healing Crystal"

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Brooklyn based duo Washer are releasing their full-length debut, Here Comes Washer, on January 22nd, 2016. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the track “Pet Rock Vs Healing Crystal” right here.

“The song is sort of a reminder to try to empathize with someone’s personality or weird habit or ritual instead of just writing them off,” said guitarist/vocalist Mike Quigley. “I think a lot of us are hardwired to immediately compartmentalize and move on without taking much time to observe individuals in depth. So I just want to remind myself to try to take in more of the whole picture, and to relate peoples’ actions or aspirations to my own before forming an opinion. Pretty much like, don’t be a dickhead.”


Washer’s release show is on January 22nd at Palisades in Brooklyn, NY with Stove, Lost Boy ?, and Yazan.

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