Song Premiere: Chris Maxwell - "Arkansas Summer"

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Chris Maxwell was an original member and the guitarist for the New York City rock band The Skeleton Key. Nowadays, he’s composing and recording music for TV shows such as Bob’s Burgers and Inside Amy Schumer, not to mention writing and producing music for bands like They Might Be Giants and Iggy Pop.

Futhermore, Maxwell is gearing up to release his latest project, Americana pop album Arkansas Summer, in March of this year, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the title track right here.

”’Here she comes the destroyer with the burden on her shoulders.’ The opening line of my song ‘Arkansas Summer’ is a tough one to sing about your mother, but I witnessed her taking much more than that growing up,” said Maxwell of the track. “A Southern Gothic character to the core, she endured abuse from her husbands, more often than not, for standing up for what she believed. ‘When the drum becomes the drummer, she beats down like an Arkansas Summer.’ More than anything, it’s her courage and strength that is the song’s central theme. The song was also key in shaping the rest of the record, which deals with addiction, identity, and my estranged father. Not exactly a party record, but after making band records and producing other artists, I wanted this record to reflect where I’m from and write about some of the relationships that shaped me.”

Listen to “Arkansas Summer” above.