Song Premiere: Wesley Jensen and The Penny Arcade - "Carpenter"

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Wesley Jensen is sharing his new track, “Carpenter,” off of his upcoming 2016 album, Memos.

The father of three wrote the album mostly in his spare time using the “Memos” app on his phone, hence the name.

“So, this happens to be a very pivotal track for Memos, making it a good one to feature,” said Jensen of the track. “This song was written after my uncle got sick and passed away, which was right in the middle of making the album. It was a very hard record to make from the start, done while juggling a full time job and a young family, doing most of my writing in transit to and from work on my cell phone ‘Memos’ app.”

The passing of Jensen’s uncle heavily impacted the tone of the album as a whole and especially inspired the track “Carpenter.”

“The album itself was incredibly sarcastic and cynical, based on my internal fight between being a provider and an artist, but when my uncle died the second half of the album changed quite a bit because of it. There is now a hopeful tinge to the record as a whole. Dying young, and doing so with such an admirable grace and peace about him was really inspiring to watch. This song in particular is about my last interactions with him, turned into a desire for some sort of spiritual peace that he had and I didn’t. ”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Carpenter” above.