10 Songs for Heavy Lifting

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10 Songs for Heavy Lifting

We know that nothing gets you through your workout like music—a good melody to distract from the pain, a steady rhythm to keep the pace or a jolt of extra emotion to get you closer to the finish line.

And though your local gym might think that a mix of throbbing pop music works for everyone, we’ve compiled some of our favorite workout songs into 10 unique playlists ranging from classic rock to hip hop to, well, throbbing pop music. The Heavy Lifting playlist features 10 workout songs to make you feel like the Hulk.

1. Fucked Up, “Running on Nothing”

Who needs a personal trainer yelling at you when you can have Damien Abraham screaming, “I kept holding until it tore me apart, a hand thrust in my chest and ripped out my heart.” Just don’t listen to the rest of the lyrics too closely to the lyrics or you might give up lifting…and all hope.

2. OFF!, “Wiped Out”

Get a full-on workout in 73 seconds with this song from this hardcore supergroup made up of members of Circle Jerks/Black Flag, Burning Brides, Redd Kross and Rocket From the Crypt.

3. Refused, “New Noise”

The shape of punk to come includes bigger triceps.

4. The Walkmen, “The Rat”

Just try to keep up with the frenetic guitars.

5. The Constantines, “Hard Feelings”

There’s an urgency to this song that’s perfect for keeping you going.

6. White Rabbits, “Percussion Gun”

Roman slaves had a drummer telling them to row. We have white Rabbits’ drummer telling us when push it.

7. TV on the Radio, “Dancing Choose”

Frantic energy, particularly on the verses.

8. The Muffs, “Agony”

Of course a song called agony is going to be perfect for my workout.

9. Eagles of Death Metal, “Don’t Speak (I Came to Make a Bang)”

Transmits testosterone through your ears and into your bloodstream.

10. Rage Against the Machine, “Renegades Of Funk”

“No matter hard you try you can’t stop us now!”