Song Premiere: Alpenglow - "Solitude"

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Alpenglow are releasing their single “Solitude” off of their upcoming debut album, Callisto, out February 26 on Chizu Records. The band released their Chapel EP in 2014 and have since toured with Lucius, Timber Timbre, and Jim James (My Morning Jacket).

If I wanted my solitude, I’d move to the city
If I wanted to be with you, I’d move to the woods for a little while

“The lyrics of this song were originally written at the end of a downtrodden summer spent trying to make a band appear out of thin air in the world’s toughest place to be in a shitty band, New York City,” said vocalist Graeme Daubert of the track. “This song was meant to be a goodbye to a life of music and to celebrate reentry into the comforts of Vermont. Ironically, ‘Solitude’ became almost the mantra of a new band, Alpenglow, that would go on to perform this song in every show it would ever play, all across the country, and, many times, in the city that that the lyrics shunned.”

With the relocation of Alpenglow to Brooklyn from Vermont, “Solitude” began to evolve musically.

“Over time, the sage wisdom of a stoned sophomore proved itself to be out of touch; in fact, when Alpenglow finally did relocate to New York, the move would end two long distance relationships. Though the words remain, the band’s sound experienced a huge change upon arrival to Brooklyn. When the decision was made to revive ‘Solitude’ for its upcoming full length record, the band gave new life to a five-year old song with groovier rhythms, vintage guitar sounds, and synthesizer. The result is a pop jam that gives a nod to the band’s past while reveling in its more energetic present.”

Stream the exclusive premiere of “Solitude” above.