Anna Tivel Shares New Single From Forthcoming Album The Question

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Anna Tivel Shares New Single From Forthcoming Album <i>The Question</i>

This April, singer-songwriter Anna Tivel will be releasing her fourth album The Question via Portland label Fluff & Gravy Records. If you’ve heard her simple, powerful work over the years, you know what an exciting development that is. Her poetic lyrics. Her sharp, clear voice. The brave, tender folk-pop arrangements. It’s an ornately, delicately wrapped gift that you almost don’t want to open up and ruin its simple beauty.

In advance of this lovely new record, Tivel is sharing “Minneapolis” with us, a string-soaked wonder of stillness and deep-seated emotion. Here’s what she had to say about the track:

“This is a song about that stuck feeling, that stagnant winter sadness that can take over everything until you have to physically move yourself to shake it loose. I started writing it after a long tour in the midwest. I was thinking about how that feeling can seep into a relationship until it seems like the only sane thing to do is pack up and start over somewhere else.”