At the Drive In Announce Release of Diamanté EP, Exclusively for Record Store Day's Black Friday

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At the Drive In Announce Release of <i>Diamanté</i> EP, Exclusively for Record Store Day's Black Friday

Following the release of their acclaimed in • ter a • li • a, At the Drive In are giving their fans a reason to brave the materialistic madness following Thanksgiving this year—they are releasing Diamanté, an EP exclusively for Record Store Day’s Black Friday. Produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and mixed by Johann Scheerer, the EP will include three songs on a 10-inch vinyl. The tracks were recorded over the summer at Clouds Hill Studio in Hamburg, Germany.

Of the EP, the band offered a cryptic message per a press release:

How do you weaponize the insatiable thirst for life among vultures? How do you deprogram the coroner dissecting hiatus? What light beckons you from the sewers of suggestion? Is your instinct extinct? Or does it hide in the flash burn of counterfeit automatons? Five boys with guilty slingshots swaying to the Midwitch Sound. Blinded by the Diamanté.

Perhaps the quote alludes to themes we can expect from the songs that lie within the forthcoming EP—in which case, it’s intriguing enough to be worth standing in line for. We’ll find out on Nov. 24. See the cover art and tracklist for Diamanté below, and read our review of in • ter a • li • a here.

Diamanté Cover Art:

At the Drive In Diamente Rise Records.jpg

Diamanté Tracklist:

Side A
01. Amid Ethics
02. Despondent at High Noon

Side B
01. Point of Demarkation

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