Ava Luna Release New Single "Take It or Leave It" from Forthcoming Pigments EP

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Ava Luna Release New Single "Take It or Leave It" from Forthcoming <i>Pigments</i> EP

Ava Luna, one of the best acts we saw at Treefort Music Festival earlier this year, shared a wavy new song on Friday afternoon.

“Take It Or Leave It,” pulled from their forthcoming Pigments EP, is a summery psych-pop jam, with elastic instrumentation that feels like you’re springing off the diving board and into the pool; by the end of it, you feel like you’re at the bottom of the deep end, looking up through chlorine-soaked eyes at the fading blue sky.

In true Ava Luna fashion, the song’s brisk runtime is filled to the brim with ideas: pseudo call-and-response vocals; a warbling synth line that dissipates into the atmosphere; a buried bass line that digs deeper than it needs to; an out-of-nowhere acoustic guitar that appears for all of five seconds.

Guiding us through it all are the sweet, flirty lyrics delivered by keyboardist Felicia Douglass. She sings of a summer afternoon spent learning to gamble with friends: “Tall boys out on the porch,” she sings, before adding a winking, “Seven cans ‘cause I got an extra.” It’s a nice, airy track, a portent of a good summer to come.

Ava Luna’s Pigments EP, the follow-up to their 2018 album Moon 2, is out on June 14 via Western Vinyl, and half of the proceeds from it will go directly to Alabama’s Yellowhammer Fund. You can preorder it here.

Crack a tallboy and listen to “Take It Or Leave It” below, then revisit the group’s 2014 Daytrotter Session beneath that. You’ll find the details of the Pigments EP further down.

Pigments EP Tracklist:
01. Take It Or Leave It
02. Weight Of Your Life
03. Pigments
04. Trust In You

Pigments EP Album Art: