Song Premiere: Beat Awfuls - "Maui Wowie"

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Lexington, KY-based Beat Awfuls are debuting their newest single, “Maui Wowie,” in anticipation of their debut Nothing Happens LP, out February 12 on Jurassic Pop Records.

The Kentucky DIY band, made up members of Idiot Glee, is reminiscent of a beach day Black Lips, minus the garage rock angst and sprinkled with sand and sunlight.

”’Maui Wowie’ is a super strong strain of weed,” said frontman Dave Cave. “I also think of bubblegum when I hear those words. And Hawaii and the sunshine. The lyrics were total just stream of consciousness after trying to write and nothing coming and then taking a couple puffs and all of a sudden…bam. The lyrics are about love really, wanting to be loved, wanting to feel love, wanting things to feel good even when you’re not stoned. It happens. But sometimes, a couple puffs can put you right where you need to be.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Maui Wowie” above.