Ben + Vesper - All This Could Kill You

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Ben + Vesper - All This Could Kill You

Husband-and-wife duo makes insular art-pop on unassuming debut

From the slippers and bathtub on the cover to the themes of domesticity

woven through their softly malted harmonies, Ben and Vesper Stamper want nothing more than to draw you into their inner world. Because the couple deals in such intimate gestures, the moments where they break from the tinkling din of electric guitars and brushed drums stand out most clearly, from the sing-along melodies and prancing piano lines of “Rockaway Twp.” to the dramatically swirling chorus of “The Floridian.” The album certainly isn’t without its quirks, though, as Sufjan Stevens and co-producer Daniel Smith fill out the backing band, adding extra textural color to what often feels more like an overheard conversation than a pop album.

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