Bruce Springsteen Played the Longest U.S. Show of His Career Last Night

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Philadelphia is now home to the longest U.S. Bruce Springsteen concert ever. According to Billboard, the Boss played for four hours and four minutes on Wednesday night in Philly, cruising past the previous record of four hours held by the show Springsteen played in East Rutherford, N.J. in August.

Springsteen, who is known for incredibly long concerts, couldn’t top his all-time record of four hours and eight minutes, which he set in Helsinki in 2012. This will, of course, leave Philadelphia’s neighbors to the east a little bitter. Springsteen’s New Jersey home can no longer claim the longest stateside show of the Boss’ career.

Fortunately for all parties involved, if there’s one thing Bruce Springsteen loves, it’s going on tour. Although his River Tour is almost over, it’s never a bad bet to assume that he’ll eventually get restless enough to get back on the road again. After all, tramps like him, baby, they were born to tour.