Watch Bruno Major Perform Live at Paste Studio

Music Video Bruno Major
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London-based singer-songwriter Bruno Major believes the “universe works in perfect geometric patterns and synchronized cycles,” a concept that inspired his latest collection of songs. Last year, Major decided to release a song for every cycle of the moon, month by month, for an entire year. The result is A Song for Every Moon, a fully realized, 12-track, R&B-inspired pop album that travels from futuristic soul to warm, jazz-flecked finger picking, to minimalist bass and vocal combinations.

Major is set to make his American performance debut Wednesday night at the new Brooklyn venue Elsewhere. But first he visited Paste Studio to unveil three of the songs from A Song for Every Moon, which has already amassed some 40 million streams. Tune in here, or via Paste’s YouTube channel here. Keep an eye on our feed for any scheduling updates, and enjoy the music.