Watch Car Seat Headrest Cover "Ivy" off Frank Ocean's Blonde

Music Video Car Seat Headrest
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Car Seat Headrest, a.k.a. Will Toledo, and Frank Ocean couldn’t be more different. Ocean makes R&B and hip-hop, while Toledo makes stripped-down, lo-fi rock. Toledo often makes multiple albums a year, having put out 11 LPs in the last six, while Ocean was notorious for endlessly delaying his second album, Blonde, before dropping it last month in an elaborate and widely publicized manner.

Now, thanks to Indieheads Podcast, we can see what happens when one of 2016’s best artists covers another of 2016’s best artists. Toledo definitely transforms the song in his musical image, but it’s hard to separate those lyrics from Ocean.

You can watch Toledo’s take on “Ivy,” from Ocean’s album Blonde, above.

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