Video Premiere: Cardiknox - "Doors"

Music Video Cardiknox
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Seattle natives Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton met through a successful off-Broadway theatre production, and while the duo that would ultimately form pop band Cardiknox made the decision to leave behind their musical, they didn’t leave behind their affinity for music or theatrics. Their steady rise in popularity has been punctuated with ear worms like “Black Wayfarers” and cinematic music videos, and while the band’s forthcoming full-length debut is still at least a couple months out—it’s slated for 2016—the duo is whetting fans’ appetites with a steady output of new material. One of their latest singles in particular, “Doors,” makes good on the band’s budding reputation for party tunes.

“We approached ‘Doors’ almost like a hip-hop song,” Dutton said in a recent press release. “I’m always amazed by how powerful a Drake or Kanye West track can be with so little going on musically. It’s minimalist, but it still connects and feels big. We wanted to write a simple, powerful, and anthemic song.”

For the song’s new lyric video, Cardiknox ditched the minimalist aesthetic in favor of an animated story with a vintage comic book theme. It’s almost as fun to watch as the song is to hear. Check out the lyric video in the player above.