Caroline Culver Shares New Single "I Went Out With A Man"

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Caroline Culver Shares New Single "I Went Out With A Man"

Nashville singer/songwriter Caroline Culver dropped her new song “I Went Out With A Man.” Earlier this year, Culver released the more introspective “Honest.”

Culver’s track combines indie-pop instrumentals with emotive lyricism about failed expectations of a relationship (“Feels like someone should cry / What did I expect? / After all, I went out with a man”). The song comes full circle, with the hesitant beginning, the explosive chorus, the serious second verse and the reflective ending.

“I had expectations that this date and this guy would be really mature and the date would feel very different than being with someone my age,” Culver said about the song. “But I guess to be honest I was disappointed with how much going out with this man was just like going out with any other boy. Ultimately, this song is an anthem for single girls dating around in their twenties and all the excitement it brings.”

Listen to “I Went Out With A Man” below.

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