Carrie Brownstein Makes Directorial Debut in New Short Film for KENZO, The Realest Real

Music Video Carrie Brownstein
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Musician-actor-writer extraordinaire Carrie Brownstein has done it again! The musician has made her directorial debut with the premiere of her new short film, The Realest Real, which was first unveiled in July. Brownstein wrote and directed the film for KENZO’s fall-winter campaign, which stars Rowan Blanchard, Natasha Lyonne and Kim Gordon.

The film may have been written for a fashion campaign, but it does not stop Brownstein from creating a universally relatable piece of art. The Realest Real takes an in-depth look at living in the digital age, a common theme Brownstein has eloquently explored in both her television show, Portlandia, and in her critically acclaimed rock band, Sleater-Kinney (“Modern Girl,” anyone?). Whatever Carrie Brownstein does, she does well. Watch KENZO’S The Realest Real in full above.