Chinatown Slalom Announce Meet The Parents EP, Share New Song

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Chinatown Slalom Announce Meet The Parents EP, Share New Song

Liverpool-based genre-benders Chinatown Slalom have released a new song, “You Can Bet Your Hat On It,” ahead of their forthcoming EP Meet The Parents, out July 2 via September Recordings.

“You Can Bet Your Hat On It” takes several cues from the band’s acclaimed 2019 debut Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, working with guitars and horns spliced together like a crudely pasted collage along with gooey, feel-good vocals. It sounds like carefree bliss, something everyone could use a bit of after a long year.

The accompanying Harry Deadman-directed video shows the band on their best behavior, dressed to the nines and struggling to hold themselves together as their luxurious lives begin to look less and less appealing with each passing minute.

Lead singer Liam Nolan reflects on the EP in a statement:

The phrase “meet the parents” sums up the EP and how it’s being brought to the world. We’re self-aware enough to know [the music industry is like] playing a fake game and we want people to know that we’re playing it. It’s like we’re in a relationship and we’re meeting the parents for the first time. You still want to be yourself but you’re wearing a nice suit and you’ve brushed your hair.

You can watch the video for “You Can Bet Your Hat On It” below and preorder Meet The Parents here.