Clint Michigan Shares Stream Of New Album "Centuries"

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Clint Michigan Shares Stream Of New Album "Centuries"

It took a while for Clint Asay, the singer/songwriter behind the project known as Clint Michigan, to get to the finish line of a new album. In the years since his last release (2009’s Hawthorne To Hennepin), he struggled with sobriety and went through some personal trials as a result.

But this strong-willed individual has clawed back from the depths and poured himself into his music, recording his new record Centuries surrounded by friends and supporters like Jennifer O’Connor who will be releasing the music on her Kiam Records imprint on April 27th.

And as the above story would suggest, it’s an emotional listen; folk-pop that feels both winsome and weighty at the same time. Feather light but connected to the earth and the struggles that so many of us face in our lives.

Listen to Centuries below and if you happen to be in New York on April 29th, swing by Union Pool where Asay will be playing this material live as part of a record release party.