Com Truise - Sundripped

Studio Paradiso (San Francisco, CA), 11/29/2011

Music Audio Com Truise
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Whenever I need to get the reminder through my thick skull, that I shouldn't leave the house today without sunglasses, I've decided that I will put on Com Truise's "Galactic Melt." It should do the trick. It should blind me a little bit just in its playing and it should focus me enough to head back to the counter where the small pile of shades lies - the small pile that gets cursed every time I forget to remove a pair from it, when the big sun's making me squint at the wheel. It's not safe for me and it's not safe for anyone else out there behind any wheels. New Yorker-now-living-in-New Jersey music maker Seth Haley makes electronic music that still feels synthetic - the offspring of a lineage of robots and synthesizers - but it also has inside it this hint that it might be organic at the same time. Could these sounds have grown out of the ground - raised as they were by generous amounts of sunshine and copious waterings? These songs don't seem like the only thing that they would ever want to do would be to coldly and remotely launch missiles or to hack through security code to get access to a bunch of PINs to destroy credit and empty out bank accounts, as some electronic music sounds like t might be prone to. Com Truise songs sound as if they'd actually like to crack the windows on good days and they'd love to get out to take the dog for a walk around the park. They sound as if they'd love to window shop and they wouldn't be opposed to a little seduction or a little flirtation, whichever came first. Haley makes them sound as if they are concerned about one thing and it may just be to not get too worked up about the little things. They aren't the Sunday drivers, but they are into taking it easy. They are intricate and they move us, but they're not working overly hard. They aren't taxing themselves to the point where they're breaking too much of a sweat. They are coasting down the boardwalks on skateboards and they're of the mind that stress is for older people. They make us feel that we've been too sensitive about too many things today, that we need to loosen the ties (where applicable) and we need to have ourselves that first drink of the day. We need to ease it back to the reclining position that we love so much.

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