Exclusive: Cones Announce Debut Album Pictures of Pictures, Release Groovy Single "Moonstone"

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Exclusive: Cones Announce Debut Album <i>Pictures of Pictures</i>, Release Groovy Single "Moonstone"

Los Angeles-based brother duo Jonathan and Michael Rosen, better known as Cones, are back with new track “Moonstone,” premiering right here at Paste alongside the details of their forthcoming album Pictures of Pictures.

Pictures of Pictures, which arrives Sept. 20 via Dangerbird Records, marks the brothers’ debut album, and the duo’s “indescribable chemistry” is what drives the album, according to the band’s bio.

“It’s an amazing thing to work with your brother,” says Jonathan. “When you know someone that well, when you can truly be yourself with them, when you can create together without inhibition, something indescribable happens.”

As the band run free with creativity, Pictures of Pictures sees them delving into their dreams for song ideas, trying to reach otherworldly nuances in production and, overall, stretching their own creative boundaries. Cones recorded the album at their own Honeymoon Suite studio

Equally filled with touches of Tame Impala as well as The Bee Gees, Pictures of Pictures lead single “Moonstone” is an ethereal track with a heavy emphasis on funky synths and transcendent vocals. Along with the single, the duo released a video for the track, which features trippy, hand-drawn animation by Jonathan that was two months in the making, and showcases a mission to the moon.

“The song is about having a strong connection with somebody that you’ve only briefly met, and ultimately parting ways with the mutual acceptance that you are unlikely to cross paths again,” Jonathan explains. “When you encounter one of these connections, it is like finding the moonstone in the creek. Often they are lost as quickly as they are found, and it is important to find the beauty in that.”

Prior to “Moonstone,” the duo’s latest single was 2018’s “Run the Risk,” which plays into the same synth- and key-heavy vibes heard on “Moonstone.”

Watch Cones’ “Moonstone” video below. You can see the details of Pictures of Pictures further down and preorder the album here.

Pictures of Pictures Tracklist:
01. The Hole
02. Laugh Of The Party
03. Moonstone
04. Zoom
05. Inner Voice
06. Flying Island
07. Seeing Triple
08. Nicemare
09. Eyes Of Propane
10. Cabin Pressure Fever

Pictures of Pictures Album Art:


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