Live Photos: Björk, Liars and RZA Close Out the Day For Night Festival

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Live Photos: Björk, Liars and RZA Close Out the Day For Night Festival

Four stages located in and around Houston’s Barbara Jordan Post Office filled with color during Day for Night’s second installment on Sunday. By the Yellow Stage, people in animal suits shuffled to Jock Club’s deep house and Anklepants’ customized instrumentals, played through the latter’s infamous phallic mask. Meanwhile, Green Stage concertgoers moshed as Lightning Bolt frontman Brian Chippendale drummed and shouted through own signature mask. Afterward, rapper, producer and composer RZA weaved beats that blended with guitar, bass and powerful vocals from Stone Mecca.


But most of the action happened inside the Blue Stage where rapper Mykki Blanco twerked through an animated set encompassing crowd favorites like “Loner” and “High School Never Ends.” People laughed as he called himself “the first person to wear skinny jeans” and cheered as he narrated the show with announcements including “You are now listening to Mykki Blanco” and “Let’s do ‘Hideaway.’” Afterwards, Liars made heads bob with jittery electro and punk anthems including “Pro Anti Anti” and “Plaster Casts of Everything.”

Mykki Blanco

Björk’s packed DJ set provoked squeals of excitement with Ariana Grande’s “Into You,” Lil Yachty’s “Minnesota,” an ethereal remix of Calvin Harris & Disciples’ “How Deep Is Your Love” and some less identifiable dark trap tunes. As the bass thumped, the audience stared at a wall of glowing ferns on stage, waiting patiently for a glimpse of the Icelandic singer-songwriter, but she never emerged from behind them.

In stark contrast, the Icelandic artist’s face gazed directly into festivalgoers’ eyes at the VR exhibit Björk Digital. For a 360-degree “Stonemilker” video, she stood on a beach gesturing with her hands as if immersed in conversation with a close friend. As an artist who rarely allows media interviews, the experience felt like a rare attempt to connect with her fans — and lyrics like “I wish to synchronize our feelings” felt like a plea for us to connect with one another in turn.