Daytrotter Downs Festival: Day Two

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Daytrotter Downs Festival: Day Two

Daytrotter Downs packed Night Two with a beautifully orchestrated lineup, split between Daytrotter’s own venue and the nearby Village Theatre. Check out the highlights of the night below, and click through for images in the gallery at your own risk: If you missed it, you’ll be feeling it.

Trevor Sensor

Trevor Sensor walked out on stage, looking like your typical coffee shop singer-songwriter toting an acoustic guitar and clad in flannel. Let me tell you – don’t judge a book by its cover. The second the Sterling, Illinois native opened his mouth, all illusions of sensitive soft-spoken artist were shattered. Like a Lynchian version of The Tallest Man On Earth, with a little booze-soaked Tom Waits thrown in for good measure, Sensor’s body contorted and twitched, as if the music is not so much flowing out of him but coming out in short spastic bursts. Nobody’s looked this awkwardly appealing twitching onstage since the late Joe Cocker. Sensor’s a true musical maniac, and its a joy to behold.

Frances Cone

Brooklyn’s Frances Cone took the stage following Sensor, and oh, man. This girl can sing, and her breathy vocals mixed with the soul pop instrumental effectively sounds like they’re coming to you in a dream. They deserve a listen: cooing and lovely.

Amasa Hines

Amasa Hines is one of the greats. Talking to Daytrotter Downs founder Sean Moeller, I was warned that Hines’ performance would blow me away. Even with the head’s up, I was not prepared for the show I got at the Village Theatre last night. Hines’ prodigious belting voice and wailing guitar rendered me completely motionless, as I sat there watching his every move, mouth agape and smiling like an idiot. Everyone who knows me is going to have to deal with me talking about this for the next few months. I’m officially an Amasa Hines evangelist.

Yoko & the Oh Nos

I did not know what to expect when Yoko & the Oh Nos walked out on stage. Deceptively small-framed frontman Max Goldstein walked out on stage in full makeup and a plunging neckline jumpsuit, looking like the missing link between David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Let me tell you – that comparison holds up musically. This boy was born to front a band, oozing endless energy and enthusiasm – not to mention genuine gratitude – throughout his entire performance, and busting out such powerful vocals that the room was briefly stunned to silence as the audience adjusted to the musical sucker punch. The silence didn’t last long, however. Thanks to the 10 -pound hype machine that is Goldstein, as well as his prodigiously talented three-piece band, things got a little dance-y last night . It was the perfect close to Night Two, leaving us all exhausted but ready to wake up and do it all over again.