Exclusive: Listen to Evolfo's "Sorta Sinister" New Song, "Science"

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Exclusive: Listen to Evolfo's "Sorta Sinister" New Song, "Science"

Evolfo are shameless about the influence they pull from their favorite artists and albums. Confident in their own creativity, both as songwriters and as sonic architects, they see each dust-coated record they find buried in a crate not as a template, but as an ingredient; one dash of color in the tie-dye swirl of their music. So when you hear this group of Brooklyn-based garage rockers, you might be able to point to a number of bands that immediately come to mind, but you can’t deny that these guys aren’t simply living in the past.

Case in point, their new song “Science,” which the band themselves acknowledge has shades of “something The Cramps would play,” especially in its “sorta sinister rockabilly sounding” guitar line. The track definitely recalls that same vintage horror camp that The Cramps often evoked, but it combines that with a Stooges-esque attitude and a fierce vocal performance from guitarist/singer Matt Gibbs. According to Gibbs, the song took on a Frankenstein-ian life both within and without, built up piece by piece with the rhythm section first, then his lyrics, which he says came about from an idea he had of “a mad doctor piecing together a freaky mechan-o man,” which then inspired the band to give it that distinctive horror-surf feel.

Listen to “Science” below—the track appears on the band’s forthcoming record Last of the Acid Cowboys, which comes out April 7 via Royal Potato Family and is available for pre-order here. They’ll also be hitting the road for a short U.S. tour immediately following the album’s release, dates for which you can find below.

Evolfo Tour Dates:

08 – Boston, Mass. @ Track Shack
11 – Pittsburgh, Penn. @ Spirit
12 – Toronto, Canada @ The Piston
14 – Chicago, Ill. @ Emporium Arcade Bar
15 – Omaha, Neb. @ Reverb Lounge
18 – St. Louis, Mo. @ Foam
19 – Nashville, Tenn. @ East Room
20 – Athens, Ohio @ Casa Nueva
21 – Philadelphia, Penn. @ BOOGALOO
22 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Alphaville (LP Release Party)