Girl Talk: Feed the Animals

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Girl Talk: Feed the Animals

Download this before it’s litigated into oblivion

After the profile-raising success of his last album, Night Ripper, the fact that mash-up wizard Greg Gillis (a.k.a. Girl Talk) is still weaving intricate tapestries from uncleared samples of mainstream pop, rock and rap makes him seem either incredibly ballsy or kind of nuts

. His latest musical highlight reel is dense with rib-nudging gags and indelible moments: Gillis imagines a world where Avril Lavigne rubs shoulders with Jay-Z; The Band with Yung Joc; The Jackson 5 with the Beastie Boys—in other words, he doesn’t imagine anything, because this multivalent stew is precisely the world in which we live. Gillis simply digests it into a crunky, continuous mix. There are no contradictions here; it’s just like scanning across several radio stations simultaneously, while everything magically synchs up. The real fun of Feed the Animals is the act of recognition, so I won’t say much more, except this—Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss” over the riff from Metallica’s “One?” Damn!

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