Song Premiere: Fellow Creatures - "Wouldn't You Like To Know"

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Fellow Creatures likes to describe its hometown of Washington D.C. as a swamp. Summers can certainly get hot and humid up in our nation’s capital, but Fellow Creatures doesn’t play the part of the swamp monster. Rather, the four-piece blends weird electronics, digitally manipulated strings, and classic pop song structures to create sounds more mainstream than condemned to mire.

The band’s eponymous debut, co-produced with composer Louis Weeks, drops April 6. This single, “Wouldn’t You Like To Know,” bubbles like a cauldron overflowing before bouncing into an ‘80s synth-styled groove. But the story behind the song tells a more dangerous tale. Songwriter Sam McCormally recalls, “When we were on tour last summer, we ended up staying at a house with three guys who were drinking and partying and listening to The Toadies cranked super loud. So we’re hanging and having a good time, and then at some point we asked if there was a place we could go to sleep. This infuriated them, and they flew into a manic, destructive rage. We decided to try to sleep on the front porch, but they followed us out with an old cathode-ray-tube television set that they proceeded to obliterate with baseball bats. At which point, we elected to cut our losses and get on the highway.”

He continues, “Part of me wanted to stay and talk some sense into them, but it’s like when there’s a raccoon hissing at you inside a trap: you can let the raccoon free, or you can not get bit, but you can’t have both. So, ‘Wouldn’t You Like to Know’ is about that, with the part of the three drunk guys played by faceless, many-toothed monsters.”

Listen the the exclusive premiere of “Wouldn’t You Like To Know” above.