Live from Forecastle Festival 2015: Fly Golden Eagle

Music Video Fly Golden Eagle
Live from Forecastle Festival 2015: Fly Golden Eagle

Nashville psych-rock band Fly Golden Eagle may have an epic 26-song release behind them in last year’s Quartz, but they’re quickly becoming better known around the Southeast and beyond for their mind-bending live show. Having collaborated with artists like Alabama Shakes (including Brittany Howard-fronted side project Thunderbitch) and Benjamin Booker in the studio, it’s growingly clear that if you’re not familiar with the band already, it’s only a matter of time.

We caught up with Fly Golden Eagle’s Ben Trimble at Forecastle on the edge of the Ohio River, one of many scenic spots on the festival’s grounds. While the band’s live set-up is usually a roaring full band, Trimble performed three tracks solo for the Paste cameras. Watch “Stepping Stone” in the player above, and take a peek at “White Lighter” and Tangible Intangible” in the players below. Fly Golden Eagle hits the road this week in Europe—check out their upcoming tour dates here.

“White Lighter”

“Tangible Intangible”

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