Forecastle Festival 2013: Photos + Recap - Day Three

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Forecastle Festival 2013: Photos + Recap - Day Three

For the last day of Forecastle, there were disappointing cancellations from Dan Deacon and Animal Collective, but we made the most of the fun there was to be had otherwise. In the middle of Robert Plant’s set, rain storms broke and everyone huddled under the bridge. After the storms passed, the day ended on a high note with sets from Purity Ring and the Avett Brothers.

Beneath the sweltering sun, husband and wife duo Tennis cooled everyone down with a set of beachy tunes that were just right for the moment. It seemed to take a little while for the crowd to warm up to the band since they started with some slower tunes, but once they played their poppy single “Petitions,” I knew we were on the right track.

“These are my junior high dance moves,” Alaina Moore said. Mine weren’t much more advanced—I was just happy to sway and danced to the exuberant melodies of “Cape Dory,” “Origins” and other hits while the crowd grew and grew. —Lori Keong

Ryan Hemsworth
What sets a DJ apart? Is it purely their musical approach? How about their appearance? Their stage antics? What stood out about Hemsworth was how seamless the whole shtick was. There was never a hiccup, just one smooth continuum of music. And when Hemsworth was blending tracks—dance tunes with some R&B/rap samples for instance—it sounded natural. The audience seemed to dig it, too. —Rachel Haas

El-P and Killer Mike

It was blazing hot when Killer Mike took to the stage around 4:30. Still, despite the crazy heat, people lost their minds for the rappers. In a big ol’ sweaty pile, attendees danced, watching Mike as he commanded the stage. He spit his verses and brought out his Run the Jewels partner-in-crime, El-P, for some duets before leaving the other rapper on his own. El-P’s solo set saw the departure of a chunk of the crowd, but that may just be because Grace Potter was hitting the main stage. —Rachel Haas

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
For the hour and a half that she played, Grace Potter brought the noise. She howled, she let off beautiful shrieks and absolutely killed on the guitar. It was amazing to see her perform as she danced with her arms flung open and head banged while rocking guitar solos. Even though the day was at its hottest, no one budged from the main stage lawn: Potter kept us entertained. I wilted, chugging an icey lemonade, but she never did, bringing an boundless energy to her set. —Lori Keong

Robert Plant present The Sensational Space Shifters
What isn’t there to say about Robert Plant? Taking the stage before the headliners, Plant proved his mastership with Led Zeppelin tracks like “Misty Mountain Hop,” “What Is And What Never Should Be” and a softer version of “Black Dog,” all of which the crowd adored. He kept them all in high spirits just before the storm rolled in and sadly cut the set short. I think I can safely say that we in the audience have never hated rain more. —Rachel Haas

Purity Ring
I really wanted to love Purity Ring’s set after Shrine’s incredible debut. Though, to me, the electronic-based duo doesn’t work as well as they should in a live setting. Yes, visually their set was stunning. Billowing smoke blanketed the stage and was coupled with an eerie lighting scheme of lanterns and overhead lights. It made for a hell of a display. Corin Roddick air drummed on lanterns that surrounded his soundboard while Megan James was ethereal and bewitching as she moved around stage. However, there were also times when Roddick’s rollicking beats seemed mismatched with James as she entered moody, droney patches of vocals. It was clear that the crowd wasn’t on the same page I was, because they went wild after every song. —Lori Keong

The Avett Brothers
Closing a fun-filled weekend dampened only bit by the weather, The Avett Brothers came out to prove that a little rain wasn’t going to get the Forecastle folks down. Starting off on a high note, the boys played crowd favorite “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” until you barely noticed you were basically standing in a sloshy field of mud. From then on, the band continued to please with the crowd with their song selections and fantastic musicianship. The best part about it all is the fact that the band looks like they wouldn’t rather be anywhere else than on that stage, performing in front of a bunch of soggy, tired, drunk festival-goers, up until the very end when they finished the night beautifully with “I And Love And You.” —Rachel Haas

Photographers Julia Rickles and Haley O’Brian were on site to capture some festival moments, too. View their photos in the gallery below.