Watch Gorillaz Mix Live-Action and Animation in Trippy "Strobelight" Video

Music Video Gorillaz
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While most videos for the pseudo-fictional Gorillaz tend to rely solely on animation, the “Strobelight” video bucks that trend, mostly. The track features Peven Everett, who appears fully in the flesh in the video. But dancing alongside and around him are the Gorillaz themselves: 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel Hobbs. As the club distorts and bends amidst groovy bass-lines and neon colors, one can’t help but think it’s like the funky, trippy sequel to Space Jam we never got.

Throw on your favorite rave outfit and check out the psychedelic clip above. Then, read our review of Gorillaz’s latest album, Humanz, right here, and our ranking of their top 10 songs here.