Happy Holidays From Punchline

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Happy Holidays From Punchline

You may not know it, but today is a holiday. At least it is for the “punchkids.” Punchline is a band that, over the years, created a community for its fanbase complete with inside jokes and, of course, holidays. If you follow Punchline, you know the importance of the number 37—if not, I’ll let you in on the secret (forgive me, fellow punchkids). The members of Punchline see the number 37 everywhere, to the point where they named one of their full-length albums, 37 Everywhere. I’ve been testing this theory for years now and even (unsuccessfully) tried to see other numbers everywhere, and it’s true—if you pay attention, the number 37 is everywhere. And since this phenomenon exists within the Punchline community, 3/7 is a day dedicated to Punchline. We went behind the scenes of their show recently in New York. Please click through the gallery as a way to begin today’s celebrations, and from here on out, whenever you catch the clock at 4:37 or receive change of 37 cents, enjoy the moment and smile. Maybe put on a Punchline record after—preferably the new one (and best to date, in my opinion), Thrilled.


Kellyann Petry