Song Premiere: Haroula Rose - "Moon and Waves"

Music Audio Haroula Rose
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LA-based Haroula Rose is releasing her soothing new single, “Moon and Waves,” off of her forthcoming Here The Blue River LP, dropping March 25 on Thirty Tigers.

The song, which immediately makes me want to light about 15 candles for full experiential listening, is about how small we all are in the grand scheme of things.

“It’s a song from the perspective of someone who is curious, noticing things, and asking questions,” said the film producer-turned-singer-songwriter of the track. “The tough existential ones that start simple but lead deeper. Why do we push and pull away, and the laws of gravity are unseen but hold everything together? They are questions about the world, how we relate to each other and to nature, and wondering what it all means.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Rose’s “Moon and Waves” above.

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