Harper Blynn: Loneliest Generation

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Harper Blynn: <em>Loneliest Generation</em>

A good first impression

Loneliest Generation was produced by David Kahne, who also helmed the Strokes’ First Impressions of Earth

. Harper Blynn is just as catchy as that notorious garage quintet, but with a kinder view of the world, answering The Strokes’ cynical Is This It with the can-do “This Is It.”

Standout track “25 Years” has ringing hooks and an infectious synth line, the title track is a state-of-youth anthem evocative of the pop-soul of Hall & Oates and slow-burners, like filmy acoustic number “The Doubt,” drip lovely, trailing harmonies. The lyrics are brief remembrances, slices of life and seize-the-day exhortations, full of effectively spun truisms: “I was taught to count my blessings twice,” Pete Harper and J. Blynn sing on gentle piano ballad “All Pretenders.” Harper Blynn sports a savvy modern-pop sheen and indelible hooks that recall Roman Candle; hopefully, they won’t be similarly overlooked.

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