Song Premiere: Stef Chura - "Faded Heart"

Music Audio Heart
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There’s a charming quivery/careening sensation to this Detroit-based Stef Chura strummy new single (off of her forthcoming full-length, Messes).

“Faded Heart” is part rollicking indie-pop, part space-rock, part fractured folk; the shambling rhythms, delayed-and-dizzied staccato guitars, and the singer-songwriter’s uniquely trilled, high ‘n’ hazy voice achieve this kite-like caprice.

It’s no wonder Saturday Looks Good To Me’s Fred Thomas is such a fan; this sounds right up that kind of quirk-pop alley. Thomas is featured as the bassist – contributing to Chura’s signature fluttery guitar riffs – but he also produced the track in Ann Arbor, MI, right before moving Montreal.

The standout here is Chura’s singular voice, a seemingly delicate, orphic thing that can slide from breathy lullaby to belted ballad. Chura and her band head out on the road this month, while Messes will be coming out at some point over the summer.