Ike Reilly Assassination - Welcome to Daytrotter

Daytrotter Studios (Davenport, IA), 03/16/2018

Music Audio Ike Reilly Assassination
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Ike Reilly has been writing songs since middle school, and ever since has continued to learn and grow into the rock & roll luminary you see in this session. He's sometimes been compared alongside Bruce Springsteen, which is actually quite accurate. Ike crafts lyrically intricate songs that demand attention, but he really just wants to blow the walls down with loud rock music. The Ike Reilly Assassination is a bluesy rock band with a folk singer's heart, which might also work as a description for Springsteen, except Ike's music is fresh, more current, and seemingly timeless. The lyrics are often tied in with current cultural ephemera, like his song about "the nuclear threat and a lovers' quarrel." There's also a song about a couple breaking up on a Friday, but still wanting to have a good Friday night. It's the interesting and poignant stories he tells that make him stick out. Ike's music is also rebel music. Not only do the narratives often align with the outsiders of society, the music itself is inseparably tied to punk music. He doesn't dwell on the negative aspects of society; he sets his sights and takes them down with lyrics as striking as they are searing. The songs burst with personality, cynicism, big ideas and small details alike, and enough political rage to start a movement. Now more than ever, Ike's music is a much needed thing. 

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