King Krule Collaborator Jerkcurb Releases Surreal New Music Video

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King Krule Collaborator Jerkcurb Releases Surreal New Music Video

Jerkcurb, the South London animator, King Krule affiliate and singer-songwriter, dropped a bizarre new music video for “Timelapse Tulip,” a single off his forthcoming debut album, on Tuesday.

Jerkcurb has been building hype for his debut, Air Con Eden, for most of the decade. His stylish, quirky music videos have helped him mark out an identity distinct from his glo-fi/jangle-pop peers like Mac Demarco and King Krule. And his latest video makes like Jason Voorhees and ups the ante by going to outer space.

“Timelapse Tulip” takes us through various domestic and futuristic set-pieces that look like they’ve been modeled with early-’90s computer animation tech. As each still-life plays out, the faint contours of a very lonely person’s life are formed. The track’s retro production, then, takes on an almost bitter quality.

Jerkcurb explained the video to The Fader, saying, “I wanted it to be set in one apartment, someone’s life shown over a period of time, told through snapshots, small details. Bert [director Gilbert Bannerman] took this idea to somewhere I never would have anticipated. It was completely new territory for everyone—which made it so exciting.”

Air Con Eden is set for a Sept. 13 release and available for preorder here. Watch the music video for “Timelapse Tulip” below.