Song Premiere: Joe Gorgeous- "How Bruce Lee Died"

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Check out the exclusive premiere of “How Bruce Lee Died,” the first single off of Joe Gorgeous’ upcoming self-titled EP, coming in March.

“This song is an attempt at remaining undefeated…for whatever it’s worth,” said Gorgeous of the track. “It’s the most honest I’ve been with my songwriting career thus far, but it also works as a wonderful opening chapter to the ‘Joe Gorgeous’ narrative. Working on the sound and vibe fit for this song was quite a spiritual experience. Bringing together so many minds for what seemed to be a ‘solo’ project really revamped my faith in songwriting. As for what it’s actually ‘about’ ... that’s for all the other minds to figure out.”

Listen to the single, featuring Steven Holmes of Kopecky Family Band playing lead guitar/bass, above.