John Wesley Harding - Adam's Apple


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John Wesley Harding - Adam's Apple

When John Wesley Harding presented himself back in 1989 as the cheeky “Bastard Son” of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, he may have been hiding the fact he was busy trading on a witty folk-rock style which owed more to Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. Now, at nearly 40 years of age and with more independent than major-label releases to his credit, Harding is working at the top of his form on Adam’s Apple, and owes little to anyone. He’s witty and smart on winning pop-rock fare and shows greater sensitivity and insight in songs about relationships: The dark, unsettling, yet eloquently written, “Sussex Ghost Story” reveals just how much Harding has developed as a songwriter. While it may not draw him back to the majors, Adam’s Apple certainly warrants the attention of the masses.

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