Song Premiere: Jordan Klassen - "No Salesman"

Music Audio Jordan Klassen
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Jordan Klassen is dropping his new single, “No Salesman,” from his forthcoming LP, Javelin, out February 19 via Nevado Music.

Klassen’s music is known for its introspective sincerity, consistently inspiring valid comparisons to artists such as Sufjan Stevens and The Shins. “No Salesman” is no exception.

“I wrote ‘No Salesman’ looking back at a failed relationship, realizing that I was ignoring many problems because I wanted to love the person,” said the Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist of the track. “It’s less of a factual account and more of an existential exploration; describing how I was feeling at the time with the advantage of hindsight.”

In terms of lyrics, Klassen is particularly proud of the line “like kick drums on your bedroom door,” saying,”I think that it’s a fitting description what it feels like to desire love but not have it – being outside of a situation but close to vulnerability.”

“No Salesman” isn’t the only track on with this theme. According to Klassen, the entire record is a reflection of hindsight.

“It’s about looking back at something with objectivity and having the safety of being honest about it,” said the artist. “With ‘No Salesman’ I was remembering the chaos of trying to make something work that wasn’t working, and having some gentleness toward myself about it. Not judging my mistake…[the title is] basically a derivative of the line ‘you still ain’t the salesman kind’. Respecting the fact that the person whom I was in the relationship wasn’t going to try to sell me anything – that they were honest where perhaps I was not.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “No Salesman” above.