Song Premiere: Julie Rhodes - "Collector Man"

Music Audio Julie Rhodes
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Bound To Meet the Devil is the debut album from Americana vocalist Julie Rhodes.

The 11-track album features Spooner Oldham, Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins, and Greg Leisz (Paul Westerberg, Dave Alvin, Lucinda Williams). It was also mixed by Grammy Award-winner Sheldon Gomberg and mastered by 1809 Studios. Not a bad debut, eh?

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of Rhodes’ single, “Collector Man.”

”’Collector Man’ was the first song we recorded for Bound to Meet the Devil, and actually one of the first songs I ever wrote,” said Rhodes of the track. “It came from my days of working at a local ice cream shop, which probably should’ve been more fun than it was. I was barely scraping by financially, and I found myself working 50-60 hours a week, just trying to keep a roof over my head. I had student loan collectors calling my phone several times a day, and I just reached a point where I was fed up. I guess I’d consider ‘Collector Man’ as sort of a working class plea for freedom. It wasn’t until after I wrote this song that I came across Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Collector Man Blues’ which us eerily similar in meaning with lyrics like, ‘Well, this elevator man ain’t got no money. Can’t hardly find any place to stay.’ I think it’s something so many people can relate to. In a time where rents are rising quickly, while working wages are barely budging, so many of us are being forced away from the places we call home. The ‘shovel’ theme pops up a lot on this record, and can be seen on the album’s cover. It was originally a playful metaphor for scooping ice cream but eventually took on another meaning for me – it’s meant to symbolize our society’s ‘work to live, live to work’ mentality (and necessity). Almost like we’re working ourselves into the grave.”

Listen to “Collector Man” above, and be sure to grab a listen to Bound To Meet the Devil, out February 26.