Daily Dose: JW Ridley, "Homesick (Out The Blue)"

Music Features JW Ridley
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Daily Dose: JW Ridley, "Homesick (Out The Blue)"

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South London-based singer/songwriter JW Ridley has released a brand new single, “Homesick (Out The Blue),” following his stellar single from last month, “Glass Eyes.”

On “Homesick (Out The Blue),” Ridley contemplates life’s external changes—the seasons, locations, people entering and leaving our lives—and contrasts them with our internal components that may never change. Ridley says of the psychological contrast behind the song, “It’s about the things we hold on to or the things that never really leave us.”

It’s the kind of soaring, melancholy alt-pop that makes both the unforgettable nights out with friends and moments of crying yourself to sleep last an eternity. Ridley’s music contains an atmospheric, almost krautrock-like pulse with his spiraling, rhythmic guitar lines and rousing keyboards—and his voice contains the warm, earnest trustworthiness of a best friend or close relative.

Listen to “Homesick (Out The Blue)” below.