Song Premiere: Keeps - "Translucent Girl"

Music Audio Keeps
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Nashville-based Keeps are releasing their newest track, “Translucent Girl,” off of their upcoming debut album Brief Spirit, out March 4 via Old Flame.

”’Translucent Girl’ was actually one of the first songs that came into fruition on the record,” said guitarist Robbie Jackson of the track. “It kind of marked a clear step in a different direction than our previous effort, Rift. We had been really inspired by 60’s psychedelic and jangly pop music at the time, and Robbie had just acquired a crappy Danelectro that could create similar sounds we’d been listening to. Originally ‘Translucent Girl’ started as two different songs, but we decided to combine both to fit this narrative Gusti had come up with lyrically. The lyrics themselves centered on fanaticism and the concept of loving the idea of something more then the reality of it. The playfulness of the verses speaks to that sentiment. The shift comes in the choruses when the problem of self-doubt and deprecation sets in and your expectations start to exceed reality. We think the idea of a ‘Translucent Girl’ really exemplifies that. It’s definitely not based on anyone in particular, okay? Please stop asking, mom.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Translucent Girl” above.