Kehlani Shares Ardent New Single "All Me" with Keyshia Cole

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Kehlani Shares Ardent New Single "All Me" with Keyshia Cole

2019 has been a year of many gifts from Kehlani. After dropping her mixtape While We Wait in February, the contemporary R&B singer has released a series of singles this fall collaborating with names like Zedd and Teyana Taylor. Her latest single, “All Me,” seems to be her final parting gift to a busy year, standing out with singer Keyshia Cole as an ode to mutual support in a relationship.

“All Me” was shared as the result of a fan-driven Twitter movement urging Kehlani to release the single previewed at a live set, using the hashtag #DropTheSongKehlani. The buzz prompted a response from the singer, who tweeted, “I’ve never had a song hype like this before it dropped. I’ve never had this much energy for a musical release!” The single appears to be entirely spontaneous, with Kehlani saying, “This wasn’t my planned single, this isn’t a part of the roll out for my album… I put a snippet up & y’all made it viral. I’m putting it out because of y’all.”

The song itself is accented by a deep, resonant bass line worthy of subwoofers and a clean synthetic drum-pad. Kehlani’s voice holds the song down with her smoothly delivered reflections on a mutually supportive relationship. She sings, “Embraced all my flaws when you didn’t have to / Stay holding me down, even when I’m not around.” “All Me” comes and goes in less than three minutes, but the infectious hook of the track sticks around long after.

The release of “All Me” has affirmed, at the end of a prolific year for Kehlani, that she greatly values the support of her audience, responding to their urges for the single’s release. In a statement, she explains, “Bridging the gap between my career, activism and my audience is important to me as a next step.”

You can listen to “All Me” below.