King Krule Releases Noir-Influenced "Biscuit Town" Video

The video is directed by frequent collaborators cc. WADE

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King Krule Releases Noir-Influenced "Biscuit Town" Video

King Krule has released a music video for the song “Biscuit Town” off his 2017 album The Ooz.

The noir-influenced video takes place in a city that brings the slinkily existential mood of the track to life. Archy Marshall moves through threadbare hotel suites and desolate barrooms in a haze, stumbling in and out of angular shadows, muttering into a tape recorder like an end-times prophet.

“There’s a bit of neuroses to the video,” Marshall said in an interview with WePresent. “There is an air or an atmosphere of neuroses that matches the song.”

The video is directed by Paraic and Michael Morrissey, better known as cc. WADE, who have collaborated with Marshall on previous King Krule videos. They built the city out of cardboard boxes they got from a supermarket nearby, as well as the hotel room Marshall is in. “It is a shadow state,” Marshall said. “It’s not hyper-realism and it’s not fucking cardboard. It’s that weird in-between thing.”

The directors said they were inspired by the work of Italian photographer Matteo Mezzadri to build the city, while the cinematography was inspired by Gus Van Sant’s Psycho remake, Ralph Bakshi’s animated movie Fritz and the Cat and classic film noir. “It was the aesthetic of a noir film,” Morrissey said. “It’s going through a really vague character’s stream of consciousness, but with these citizens you feel like everyone’s out to get you.”

The directors also included a host of small details that place the video in the larger canon of King Krule work. Marshall and the directors included Easter eggs referencing previous videos they’d made together, including a deep sea diver from their video for King Krule’s “Octopus” and the riverbank featured in the video for “Rock Bottom.” There’s also a shot of the moon eclipsed by a vision of a swimmer gliding through dark, calling back to the title of King Krule’s previous album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon.

Watch the video below and check out its accompanying poster further down.

Biscuit Town Poster.JPG