KT Tunstall: Tiger Suit

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KT Tunstall: <em>Tiger Suit</em>

Eat, pray, like it OK

A series of spry, spirited pop meditations on love and lust and discovery, KT Tunstall’s third album sounds like the soundtrack for a film in which the successful, single protagonist finds herself by losing everything and falling in love.

Tiger Suit is structured on sleek guitar backbones and sprinkled with synths, but the Scottish singer/songwriter also flirts with the blues (the sultry “Golden Frames”) and airty, elegant chamber-pop (“Lost”), both of which feel as natural and enjoyable as the more familiar hooky territory of “Come On, Get In.” The latter is a sonic sister to “Black Horse and the Cherry Treee,” the title track of her 2005 album and it’s a step up from the ineffective lover’s plea “Difficulty” and the inexplicable “Madame Trudeaux”—two dull moments in an otherwise feel-good rom-com.