Ladyhawk: Shots

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Ladyhawk: Shots

Scruffy Canadian indie rockers go from great to good

Much like The Replacements before them, the dudes in Ladyhawk make beer-drinkin’ rock ’n’ roll.

Not that this Kelowna, British Columbia, group sounds like the ’Mats, per se; it’s just that the hirsute Canadians’ unkempt look, don’t-give-a-shit riffage and gnarled vocals comprise a relatable, non-intimidating sound. It’s what made the adolescent sneer of the band’s inappropriately slept-on, self-titled 2006 debut fantastic. While Ladyhawk doesn’t top its first album with Shots, there’s plenty to enjoy. “I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying” chugs with guitar-heavy zeal, and tracks like “Faces of Death” and “Corpse Paint”—though decidedly less evil than their titles imply—are rewardingly ominous. Unfortunately, the band gets bogged down far too often with a slow-verse-then-guitar-solo model, making Shots a nice overall listen but not much more.

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